Ian has started on piano lessons. They’re very basic classes, more of fun than anything. Since he’s shown interest in learning piano, I thought why not. No harm in letting him attend classes. He’s attended two lessons already. So far so good!

I’ve helped my mom to clear out some space in her house by transferring my piano over. Suddenly the house seem so homely…


… to be jolly, fa la la la la… la la la la…

As you can see, I’m in the Christmassy mood already. I’m planning to put the tree up this weekend with the help of my little munchkin. Started on my Christmas present shopping and wrapping.. don’t want to risk Ian peeking at them before Christmas. Next, I need to clear my house of all the excess rubbish and toys!!

November just came and gone in a blink of an eye. First, we celebrated my dad’s 60th Birthday in Berjayahills Resort at Bukit Tinggi followed by a very scumptous dinner at the Chinese Restaurant in One World Hotel. Definitely one to remember. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Another birthday followed 10 days later, my little boy Ian is now 4 years old. We had a little dinner party at home with some close friends. I’m sure he enjoyed himself opening his presents. It wasn’t hard trying to guess what his presents were. Cars, cars and more cars.

having Birthday breakfast at McDonald’s

The last week of November was particularly busy, we had visitors from Singapore. My grandma, and uncle, aunty and cousins came up to KL for a 4-day stay. We brought them out shopping, fiesting on M’sian food, and also had a post b’day dinner for dad with my grandma. 

Here are some pictures and more in my flickr album…

After a few days short of being 4 years, Ian is “weaned”, sorry I think he’s too old to use the word weaned off, but he’s finally gave up the pacifier or fondly known as “berber” to Ian.

He had thrush on his lips, so we made a visit to the paediatrition and she confirmed that it was caused by the pacifier. So finally he has accepted that he has to stop.

So far, it’s been 5 days since he hasn’t had it. Believe it or not, he had withdrawal symptoms! He went rolling around saying that he needed it so that he could take his afternoon nap. I couldn’t believe my eyes! This is like quitting smoking cold turkey.

…to work!!

It’s been 2 weeks since my maternity leave ended. Now that we have Caitlyn, there is a little adjustments to my mornings and evenings, but thank goodness she’s learning to sleep more at nights, just waking up twice for milk then back to sleep. It definitely gives me an opportunity to catch up on mine.

Much has happened in the last one month and I will update when I have the time :)

We celebrated Caitlyn’s First Month or better known as Full Moon on Sunday. It wasn’t a big do, just a small one during lunch for our friends and dinner at night was hosted by my parents for close friends, and family. It was her first time out, and she did behave well except for the two soiled diapers at the beginning and ending of our dimsum lunch.

Caitlyn is 3 weeks old today.

She’s learnt to slowly lift her head up while in “face down” position. Although she is still jet lagged, she’s awake a little more during the day, which is nice because we get to interact with her.

Picture of Caitlyn is a little dark. But this is how she is like when she’s all happy and clean. Taken after her bath :)

Here’s a picture that I love. Daddy bonding with Caitlyn.

Little Caitlyn is two weeks old now and she still is jet-lagged, she still doesn’t know her mornings and nights. After nursing each time during the day, she’s off to get her beauty sleep, but when it comes to night feeds, she’s quite awake after her milk. This keeps me up during the wee hours of the morning, but it’s all worth it.

She still has a tinge of jaundice and after checking with her doc, we found out that it is common amongst fully breastfed babies. So, nothing to worry about now. Just to make sure that I rest during the day so that I have enough energy to get through the nights.

Finally, I have the time to squeeze in a post after a month of not blogging. I will update as soon as I have or rather gotten into groove of having to care for Ian and Caitlyn at the same time. Caitlyn was delivered 2 weeks earlier than expected at 38 weeks, and although she’s a little small, she’s loud!!

Ian’s been taking his sister’s arrival well, although I sensed a tinge of jealousy at the beginning, he’s beginning to show signs of affection now. I’ve not uploaded many pictures, but have a few at my flickr site.

Till my next post, or when I have the time… have a great day ahead :)

This is one of my all time favourite Cheese cake recipe. I had this recipe since 1995. Just look at the condition of the paper and see how yellow it has turned. I had to take picture with a white background to show it’s contrasting colours. Anyway, I dug this recipe out because tomorrow we’re having a Pot Luck party at a friends house and I’m tired of packing satay (because it’s convenient and we only eat satay in tens of sticks when we bring over for Pot Luck!!) and I’m quite sure the host is also sick of our satay, so this time, I’m packing some salt baked chicken (yes I’m still packing, I’m pregnant and I’m allowed to!) and will be baking my cheesecake. Come to think of it, I’ve not baked this in the last 5 yrs or so of knowing this new group of friends. So, time to show off my dessert skills :) I just hope it turns out okay. I will update this post with a picture of the cake on Monday.

Wish me luck!

Back to my birthday, this year, I had it big. After reading my sister’s comment on my b’day this year, I realised that I had: 4 birthday lunches & 2 birthday dinners and 3 cakes! How great is that? Thanks to my mummy who attempted a durian cake just for me (strangely, I only have cravings for durian during pregnancies), sister and family for lunch and dinner, friends who brought me out for lunchie, and lastly my hubby for enjoying Japanese dinner with me.

Here’s a picture of the cake that my mom made. Delicious durian pieces in between and top of the cake.

yummy yummy!

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