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Hey… isn't everyday Father's Day? That's what I used to believe, why pick only one day to appreciate your daddy? Shouldn't you love and be thankful for them everyday….. or…. maybe we're just finding reasons to celebrate and be merry?

So during the weekend, I checked us into Impiana KLCC Hotel for our so-called vacation, yea… though we're just 1/2 hour away from home, we'd like to know that we're waking up in a different room, have meals outside, a full breakfast and just laze around doing nothing but watching tv and spending quality time together, just the three of us! The package that I chose was the Marine escapade package that comes with 2 adult and 1 kid ticket to the Aquaria.

The room was very "spa-ish". It had wooden paneled flooring which was not very sound proof. We could hear almost every thing that was dropped by the guest in the room above us. The room and bathroom was really clean. Definitely a plus point if you have kids. After all they had just started operations not long ago.

We had one complaint, the front desk staff wasn't too smart to give us the Aquaria voucher on the day we checked in and after requesting them, they promised it would be sent to us in the room, but even with a few reminders, it didnt arrive. We thought, what the heck, we'd just go by the Aquaria after we've checked out of the hotel. Sad to say we didnt make it to see the fishes because there was a long queue just to get tickets and we're required to queue as well to exchange our vouchers into tickets. Why the long queue? TV3 was hosting some event in there for Father's day I guess. So, no point rushing with the rest of them and I don't really like the idea of going into Aquaria packed like sardines. Poor Ian, we walked out of KLCC he was still pining for fishes….

Overall, we had a good break especially for Darren, had a good rest.

                         Enjoying the room before messing it up!


                  Love the pool! It's nicer when you're by the poolside.


I remember when I was young, I loved to build stuffs using Lego. Mom and dad would get me boxes and boxes of basic legos, whereby I can just add them up and build a little something. It really did spark up the creative side of me. I bought a Lego Duplo boxset for Ian to test his creativity. It did take him a while to get a hang of building stuffs.

This is what he came up with after 1/2 hour… A really tall pillar!


Last night, on our way to dinner, Ian was going on about cars, and suddenly on a dark and quiet stretch without any street lamps, he turned and asked his yee yee (my sister) this.

Ian: Yee yee, what car is that? (pointing infront. It was probably 4-5 car distance away, and the only thing visible was the tail lights on a black Myvi, 2 in a row)

Yee yee: errr…… squinting…. errrr

Ian: That's yee yee's car! 2 Black yeeyee's car.

Yee yee: OMG (laughing away)

That's how observant he is.

Ian learns new phrases that never cease to amaze Darren and I. It just seemed like yesterday when he was learning to string sentences together, learning the colours, numbers but this evening, he said something got us both thinking… this little boy is growing!

We were getting ready for bedtime, and unlike other kids who read “goodnite story books”, mine will dig out Daddy’s Motortrader magazine and start flipping the pages and studying the different makes of cars then off to bed. Today, he can tell me what a Honda, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes, Proton, Toyota, Fiat, Audi, Alfa, Volkswagen, Nissan, Perodua, and few other makes. He can also tell me who drives what!

So…as mummy and daddy parked themselves infront of the telly to catch the final part of CSI at night, our dear little boy picked up the magazine again, and told us “I’m doing my work, don’t disturb me”.

Mummy and daddy went AWK! What did you just say Ian? “I’m doing my work, don’t disturb me”…. We looked at each other, not knowing what to reply… then we went ohh okay, we won’t disturb. After peeking at him every now and then, we realised that he was really concentrating on the cars!

I’m glad he’s got a passion for cars, just like mummy and daddy!

I was browsing through some old newspapers in my office this morning that needs to be recycled, I came across a McDonald's flyer which had an advertisement of the latest Happy Meal toys… To my surprise, cars from Cars the Movie will be given out with each Happy Meal set. And to think that I can start my diet soon … I don't see it happening until Ian's three favourite cars are collected.

Had to get his favourite, the Lightning McQueen and Sally as well as the Volkswagen bus. 1 down, 2 more to go. And for a limited or whilst stocks last, they are giving out free poster for RMC members. Since I forgot to bring mine with me, I had to sweet talk the manager and show him proof that Ian's actually a member.

Here you go Ian… this would make your weekeend.

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