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Celebrated two birthdays this weekend. First we had mums and Darren’s family birthday dinner on Friday. Reason we had it earlier was because my dad wasn’t gonna be around from Saturday onwards, so we thought we had a be-early dinner, then celebrate on the actual day again! So…. it was good food all the way!

Dinner on Friday was in Prego’s at Westin, yummy pasta and pizza and the men had their wholesome steak. Food was good, company was great too, Ian behaved himself “most” of the time, so was had dinner in peace.

Saturday, we met with our close friends to celebrate Darren’s birthday. This time at Ma Maison, a French restaurant tucked at the back of the busy Jalan Ampang. Again, Darren had their steak, and I had the rack of lamb. Truly delicious again, another night of excellent food.

Then on Sunday, Darren’s actual birthday, we had dimsum with the same close friends at KLCC, then it was then, when both of us didnt feel so good… I’m guessing it’s probably the crowd that was in KLCC to attend the PC Fair or something. The head was spinning, and was getting a slight temperature.

…and today onwards, we’re having light and simple meals, to make up for the over indulgence during the weekend.


Ever won anything in a contest?

I received a call during the weekend that I’ve won a Sharp Airconditioner! Talking about luck, just after I won 3 months of free usage from a local telco many years ago, that was it….. no more wins from any contest that I entered after that. I sort of gave up on the whole contest idea, knowing that unless it’s audited, and requires some kinda creativity from our side, it’s gonna be a hard one to win.

Aside with the negative thoughts…. we’re already thinking where to install the new Aircond, maybe we should replace the one in our study.


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Five things in my freezer:
1. sliced breast meat
2. chicken sausages
3. minced beef
4. fresh bay leaves
5. ice cream

Five things in my closet:
1) clothes
2) handbags
3) undergarments
4) towels
5) watch boxes (yup! I’m anal, I keep everything!)

Five things in my car:
1) box of tissues
2) travel changing mat with diapers
3) baby wipes
4) ian’s toy cars
5) CDs

Five things in my purse:
1) oreos in ziplock bags
2) USB flash memory
3) pen
4) lip gloss
5) at least 2 cars to keep Ian entertained

Since I’ve been tagged by Jenn, I had a hard time finding the 5 things I hate about being a SAHM. Being a full time SAHM during the weekeends and part time on weekdays has its pros and cons. From not being able to see Ian ride his bicycle for the first time or learning new tricks, I’ve also learnt that being a part time working mom has kept me sane (most of the time!).

It has been a daily ritual, to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to put in a load of clothes into the machine, just to make sure I have it all washed and spun before I leave for office, and bringing Ian over to my mom’s for his daily 1 hr transit before he’s off to his paternal grandparents for the day. I’m off to my 9-6pm job, then back home, get ready to pick Ian up from grandparents then dinner. I normally end the day by plonking myself infront of the telly, and folding the dry laundry. That’s typically “my-kinda-normal-weekday” routine.

So, here goes, my 5 things I hate about being a SAHM (in random order and thoughts)….


1. Clearing up the husband and son’s mess!

The man used to be the tidiest, most anal about being neat and clean especially at his work area is now not totally opposite, but is slowly getting there. 8 years ago, when I met my hubby, I would visit him at the office to wait for him to finish up some work then off to dinner, I would always envy his workspace. Neat, tidy, clean. Three words. Now that he’s got his own workspace in our house, one room is dedicated for his work and his mess! Each time I step into his room to clean the floor, it’s just piles of papers/books/films/proofs EVERYWHERE! Sad to say, the mess has started to move slowly, it’s now seen in my hall, at the entrance, where a box of books and printed materials are left right under my Side Table at the entrance!!

The son’s mess is beareable. Because I have plastic boxes (thanks to Ikea) to store them in, but whenever he’s home from the grandparent’s house, he’ll ALWAYS find a need to take everything out, as-if he has the time to play with all of them in the 1-1.5 hrs before bedtime! He’s a very neat boy at times, keeping his colouring book and colour pencils in tact, and into the drawers, but sometimes, I walk into the hall, seemed as if it had been hit by tornado or a hurricane just swept through! I’ve learnt from some mommies, that after their kids reached a certain age, they’re restricted to playing their toys in their room or just dedicate a room to become their playroom. Maybe I should work towards that!

2. Keeping wardrobes neat!

Like every housewife, their dreams of having a walk-in wardrobe and having every piece of clothes hung colour-coded, according to its length or folded clothes still in straight rows. That’s almost impossible at the Wales’ household. Every month, I’ll go through my wardrobe to clear out clothes that I don’t wear or those that I’ve outgrown (sounds nicer!) in the last 2 years. I’d just put them aside then make my monthly or bi-monthly trip to Salvation Army to donate these still-in-good condition clothes to them, at the same time, I’ll be folding and placing them back in the cupboard neatly. And whenever I’m done with this feat, give it 2 days maximum, both my hubby’s and my folded clothes area would be in a mess! Don’t ask me why! I suspect Darren is messing mine up so that I won’t notice the difference.

3. Keeping the cooking area clean!

Boy, sometimes I do wish that I have a live-in maid, whereby I can cook, prepare the oiliest meal yet still have a super squeeky clean kitchen. I have a wet and dry kitchen, and most of my cooking is done in the wet kitchen. I just hate the accummulated grime in the little corners that’s almost impossible to reach. Each time I step into the wet kitchen, I have to do a quick clean-up before I start cooking. Yuck! I hate it!

4. Upkeeping the little garden

Yes, my bad, requested for a small little flowerpatch, to grow some flowers or small easy to handle plants…. didn’t work out. It’s now a little “lalang” patch.

5. Ironing

I used to enjoy ironing. I’d drag the ironing board, and my bundle of clothes in front of my telly, and just iron away, but not now. I prefer folding.

There you go Jenn…. was quite hard to come up with 5 “I-hates” but I managed, and to think that I’ve a part time cleaner who comes in twice a week. I’m now wondering if she does any work at all! *wink*

Yesterday, we sold our Proton Waja and bought a new “old” car for our family. I’m now driving the MPV while Darren still swears by his 2-Door beemer. We were quite sad to hand over the keys of the Waja to the dealer but, 5.5 years of combined ownership between Darren and I seemed enough, it served us well, through thick and thin.

I’ve been eyeing on this Chevrolet Nabira for the longest time, but never had the heart to pay RM115k for a brand new one, knowing the rate of depreciation of cars in Malaysia and also the other contributing factor is the exorbitant tax levied on each car! So I waited and waited till the time was right, and found one which was very well mantained for a 2 year old car. Finally a car that seats 7! Not super comfortable, but good enough to ride to our dinner venue and back.

Here’s a picture of both cars in our driveway…

the Waja with Ian in the picture


the Nabira just after a wash :)

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