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Over the weekend, we found a new home and owner for our beloved beemer. It was really sudden, and Tuesday, we bid goodbye to the car in the evening…

After getting into my car to go home, I asked Darren, are you sad that you had to sell the car? He replies me, oh well…. alot of hard work, but we gotta move on! The hunt for a new car begins….

Here’s 5333 in its new home.



Ever since our first wedding anniversary, my mom has been getting us small cakes so that we can have a small celebration at home. This year, she got us an ice-cream cake from Baskin’ Robbins. It was yummy, and from the picture, you’ll be able to see that my little monster had a taste of it before we could even dig in!

Oppps! I got caught!

Last night, Ian and I were doing some scribbling and colouring after dinner, when he suddenly picked up a blue pencil and went “biru” (Blue colour in Malay). Followed by the other common colours that he knew. The conversation then went on like this…

Ian: Mummy, apa colour ini? (as he picked up a grey coloured pencil).

Mummy: It’s not “Apa colour ini?”, but “Apa warna ini?” (Warna is colour in Malay)

Ian: ohhh…. “Apa warna ini?” he went again.

Mummy: Ini warna Kelabu.

The conversation went on about colours.

I’m impressed! It’s his 13th day at school, and I think I must have done something right by exposing him to school and learning. He really enjoys school now and is alot more talkative and full of questions!!

….time to brush up my Bahasa Melayu.

Ian’s on his 2nd week of pre-school, and so far, he’s been giving that 1 minute cry after he realises that I’m walking out of the school compound. But the little tyke is ever smiling whenever I pick him up.

On Wednesday, we had a little hint that something great was gonna happen for our little family… I won’t reveal any info yet until it is confirmed. Come back and check!

Today, on our 4th wedding anniversary, Ian walked to school, and I left him without a cry from him. I walked out of school feeling proud and sad…. he’s really growing up.

Happy Anniversary darling! (If you’re reading… )


I was trying to get Ian to go over to my mom’s for breakfast. Knowing today’s his first day at Pre-school, I could see that he was kinda excited. Before we left our house, he ran back to lug his small box of cars to bring along… I asked him why? He says, to share with his friends. Awwwww how sweet! But Ian, you won’t be playing cars in school, the teacher will have activities planned for you. His face looked so sad, I allowed him to bring it along, and slowly I had to hide it away.


Walked him into the school compound, and let him get accustomed to the environment, slowly, he mingled with the other children. Then I told him that I was going off to work, and will be back to pick him a while later.


I finally left school, and head to my office.


Although school officially finishes at 12pm, I thought for the first day, I’d pick him up earlier. To my surprise, he was enjoying himself! I peeped through the gate.


Finally, I went to pick him at 12, and boy was he happy to see us. (My mom came along)…  and he excitedly related to us, what he did, and what did the teacher say.

…. I’m glad it all went well for him and I can have my good night’s sleep tonight.

We spent the day by having lunch with my in laws, we brought them for Nasi Kandar at Kayu SS2, then to my parent’s for New Year’s dinner, with our best buddies.  

2006 has been a great year for us…

1) Became better parents (I hope!)

2) Foster closer ties with our friends

3) Got closer to my in laws and vice versa for Darren

4) Biz was great for Darren

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