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That’s Happy Lunar New Year to all my friends and those who even bother to read my blog. This year we made our way back to Singapore, for 5 days of food goodness.

We decided to go a day earlier than my parents to stay in the city and do some shopping. It’s always great to shop when there is a SALE going on! Ian and Darren had a good walk, in fact the three of us never walked so much in a day before, I’m impressed.

The following days were spent with my mom’s family, going from house to house tossing Yee Sang and just enjoying the company, not forgetting food!  


Since my last post, quite a bit has been happening in the Wales’ household. I’m pregnant with my 2nd child, approximately 9 weeks now. We’re all happy and I’ve managed to slowly talk to Ian that he’s gonna be a big brother soon. He’s adapted that fact and now he comes and hug my tummy each night before he sleeps. How sweet….

So, how does it feel being pregnant for the second time? Many have asked, and I just want to know why MOST people say that 2nd pregnancy is normally easier than the first. I don’t think so! I’ve been having terrible morning sickness and vomitting bouts before each meal and haven’t put on any weight since my last check up with my gynae. Probably the first time you’ll hear me complaint that I’m not putting on any weight. HAHA

After being car-less for a week, Darren finally found his replacement car, which he claims to be his Ultimate Driving Machine. Haha guys and their wheels. Honey, I heart cars as much as you do, but I just need a car to drive from point A to B!

Lastly, I’m waiting for the arrival of my best friend Andrea who’s gonna make a trip to KL for 2 weeks in March! Yay I can’t wait

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