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Caitlyn is 3 weeks old today.

She’s learnt to slowly lift her head up while in “face down” position. Although she is still jet lagged, she’s awake a little more during the day, which is nice because we get to interact with her.

Picture of Caitlyn is a little dark. But this is how she is like when she’s all happy and clean. Taken after her bath :)


Here’s a picture that I love. Daddy bonding with Caitlyn.

Little Caitlyn is two weeks old now and she still is jet-lagged, she still doesn’t know her mornings and nights. After nursing each time during the day, she’s off to get her beauty sleep, but when it comes to night feeds, she’s quite awake after her milk. This keeps me up during the wee hours of the morning, but it’s all worth it.

She still has a tinge of jaundice and after checking with her doc, we found out that it is common amongst fully breastfed babies. So, nothing to worry about now. Just to make sure that I rest during the day so that I have enough energy to get through the nights.

Finally, I have the time to squeeze in a post after a month of not blogging. I will update as soon as I have or rather gotten into groove of having to care for Ian and Caitlyn at the same time. Caitlyn was delivered 2 weeks earlier than expected at 38 weeks, and although she’s a little small, she’s loud!!

Ian’s been taking his sister’s arrival well, although I sensed a tinge of jealousy at the beginning, he’s beginning to show signs of affection now. I’ve not uploaded many pictures, but have a few at my flickr site.

Till my next post, or when I have the time… have a great day ahead :)

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