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… to be jolly, fa la la la la… la la la la…

As you can see, I’m in the Christmassy mood already. I’m planning to put the tree up this weekend with the help of my little munchkin. Started on my Christmas present shopping and wrapping.. don’t want to risk Ian peeking at them before Christmas. Next, I need to clear my house of all the excess rubbish and toys!!

November just came and gone in a blink of an eye. First, we celebrated my dad’s 60th Birthday in Berjayahills Resort at Bukit Tinggi followed by a very scumptous dinner at the Chinese Restaurant in One World Hotel. Definitely one to remember. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Another birthday followed 10 days later, my little boy Ian is now 4 years old. We had a little dinner party at home with some close friends. I’m sure he enjoyed himself opening his presents. It wasn’t hard trying to guess what his presents were. Cars, cars and more cars.

having Birthday breakfast at McDonald’s

The last week of November was particularly busy, we had visitors from Singapore. My grandma, and uncle, aunty and cousins came up to KL for a 4-day stay. We brought them out shopping, fiesting on M’sian food, and also had a post b’day dinner for dad with my grandma. 

Here are some pictures and more in my flickr album…


…to work!!

It’s been 2 weeks since my maternity leave ended. Now that we have Caitlyn, there is a little adjustments to my mornings and evenings, but thank goodness she’s learning to sleep more at nights, just waking up twice for milk then back to sleep. It definitely gives me an opportunity to catch up on mine.

Much has happened in the last one month and I will update when I have the time :)

I can’t help but to blog this. My mom’s car was giving her trouble this morning, and so, she had to call our “family” mechanic to collect the car and see what the heck is wrong with it. She was all dressed up to go for her daily dose of shopping when the car just wouldn’t start. So the conversation went on like this. We all have this stigma that mechanics are chinese educated and we being English speaking, we tend to find the correct words to use when conveying messages to them.

Mom: Mr Wong, what’s wrong with the car? (in cantonese)
Mr Wong: Mrs XXX, it’s the throttle body problem, we can fix that but will only get your car back tomorrow. (in cantonese)
Mom: While you are at it, could you also please touch up the small dent on the side bumper? (in cantonese)
Mr Wong: Okay

Conversation ends, then mom calls me up at the office and asks me what is “swap” in cantonese, as in swap tyres. I think for a while and came up, “tiao woon” like exchange? As you know, my cantonese is “half past 6” and so I told her, if he doesn’t understand, tell him that u want to change the back tyres to the front, and front to the back. Mom says ahhh I see, and she calls Mr mechanic back.

Mom: Mr Wong, can you also “tiao woon” the tyres? (in cantonese)
Mr Wong: “tiao woon” err… what is that? (in cantonese)
Mom: Since tyres are new, don’t change, but check and change tyres from front to back and vice versa. (in cantonese)
Mr Wong: ohhhhh “Rotate” isit? (in cantonese with “Rotate” in English)

Mom calls me back, and started laughing. Apparently he understands English and he knows the correct word to describe what we wanted him to do!

So… it’s Rotate, and not “tiao woon” or “back tyres to the front and front tyres to the back”. Wait till my dad hears this.

Since it was coming to the end of Ian’s school holiday, I made use of my annual leave to bring Ian to the Aquaria, and some wholesome mummy-son time at the shopping mall before our trip to Pangkor Laut Resort.

Brought Ian to the Aquaria for the 2nd time with my mom. I’m guessing they both enjoyed themselves, he seemed to know most of the names of the fishies that we saw, but he was abit apprehensive when we entered the underwater tunnel. That’s when he got my mom to carry him through the underwater tunnel. This time, we managed to catch their feeding time at the large tank.


Ian with the little fishies, and going through the underwater tunnel.

 Feeding time at the large tank.

Ian’s first school trip, to the ostrich farm in Klang. He had a fun day exploring with animals and pets.

Me: How was the ostrich farm Ian?

Ian: Very big! The ostrich are very big and they have One leg. They run very fast too….

Me: *thinking silently* What kinda ostrich farm did the school bring him to? One legged ostrich that runs fast? What other animals did u see?

Ian: I saw rabbits, and I fed them some vegetables so that they will be strong.

Okay, my son has the right concept that vegetables will make one strong. I’ll use this line the next time he refuses his veges.

I took a day off and made my weekend a long one. A whole five-day break. Went up to my mom’s place for breakfast and the afternoon. Ian had a field of a time literally, he was outdoors playing with his play golf set and managed to drag his grandma along. My mom has resisted the game altogether because of the sun, and suddenly, her grandson calls out “Poh Poh can you please play with me”… and she’s on her toes running out playing with him. This is the power of grandkids.

Here are some pictures of them goofing around.


Now u know why Darren won’t get him the real clubs, he doesn’t want me to get concussion when he comes back from work. HAHA


Every Tues, Wed and Thurs I drive Ian to my in law’s house after school. Sometimes I feel like it’s a boring ride all the way to Subang, but these days, my boredom has been filled with my little boy telling me stories and little discoveries aside from the part where he nags me to stop by Petronas just after the Subang exit of the NKVE to buy him a toy car. That, my readers, I try to avoid each time, but to no avail.

Yesterday, in the car, with him in his car seat at the back, we passed a Sony Van with the picture you see below painted on the sides advertising its BRAVIA range of LCD and our conversation went like this:

Ian: Mummy, can you see the blue, red and yellow fishes on the van?

Mummy: Yes, that’s the advertisement for Sony’s BRAVIA LCD range.

Ian: Yeah!!! See the tail, so long!

Mummy: Yes.

Ian: Mummy, Sony TV is good.

Mummy: Pardon me?

Ian: Yeah, Sony TV and Sony Camera is very good!

And so this is what my 3 year old thinks of Sony. Spoken like as if he was an ambassador for Sony. geez, I don’t think he would to take over my Nikon now.

….and surprisingly, I managed to find them in the mini mart at my office. Not easy to find Kraft Marshmallow.

Ooo yummy!

This is a funny post.

I normally go back to my mom’s for lunch whenever she’s looking after Ian. Today she was out earlier and decided to get me a packet of Fish Ball soup noodles. She is a “soupy” person, and never have I seen her ordered Dry noodles (the type that is dry and with a dash of black sauce and other sauces), today was a little different. She bought me Dry noodles with Fish ball soup. She’s great! I love her!

While preparing it for me, I get Ian all cleaned up for lunch, she told me, she hadn’t the slightest idea why she ordered Dry noodles for me, when she keeps telling me to eat more “white and less dark coloured food” (that’s another issue that I won’t even start on!). No, she’s not being racist, after all her son-in-law is a darker shade. She tried to wash away the sauces from the noodles but to no avail. So, it was leftovers for dinner, Mui Choy & Chicken and plain white rice. I’m fine with that.

She had prepared Ian some porridge, and was about to spoon him the first one, when he said “Eh, pohpoh, this is not rice! I want to eat rice!”. So there goes mom spooning out some of the leftover rice and some chicken, and the porridge was left untouched.

Lunch was great, had my fruits. Then came the horror, washing up.

Note: My mom has this habit of using a small plate to carry hot bowls of soup.

In the sink:

Porridge – 1 big 1 small = 2 dishes
Ian’s rice – 1 bowl = 1
Dry noodles – 1 soup 1 bowl 1 plate = 3
2 Leftover rice – 2 bowls 2 plate = 4
Mui choy chicken – 1 bowl 1 plate = 2
Cut chili n soysauce – 1 saucer = 1
My lunch – 1 dinner plate = 1
Fork/spoon – 1 set = 2
Porcelain spoon / chopsticks – 1 spoon 1 pair of chopsticks = 2 
Ian’s soup in a cup = 1
Ian’s spoon = 1 porridge 1 rice = 2

Total: 14 dishes (mixed sizes), 1 cup, 2 spoons, 1 pair of chopsticks, 1 fork, 2 kiddo spoons

After sending my dad to the airport and reaching home close to 11pm, Ian was a little sleepy and it was way past bedtime, when he came up to me and Darren and said “Mummy daddy, I want to draw you a picture!”.

 Took his marker pen, found a paper and drew this.

The one on the left is supposed to be me, cause he’s used to seeing me applying blusher on my cheeks. The right one is definitely daddy.

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