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We celebrated Caitlyn’s First Month or better known as Full Moon on Sunday. It wasn’t a big do, just a small one during lunch for our friends and dinner at night was hosted by my parents for close friends, and family. It was her first time out, and she did behave well except for the two soiled diapers at the beginning and ending of our dimsum lunch.


Finally, I have the time to squeeze in a post after a month of not blogging. I will update as soon as I have or rather gotten into groove of having to care for Ian and Caitlyn at the same time. Caitlyn was delivered 2 weeks earlier than expected at 38 weeks, and although she’s a little small, she’s loud!!

Ian’s been taking his sister’s arrival well, although I sensed a tinge of jealousy at the beginning, he’s beginning to show signs of affection now. I’ve not uploaded many pictures, but have a few at my flickr site.

Till my next post, or when I have the time… have a great day ahead :)

I celebrated my birthday lunch with my best pals, Alan n Gillien. They brought me to Senses at Hilton at Sentral for some western this time. The Food? Was definitely as good as the company I had. Thanks guys! 


The red birthday eggs and another with me and Ian.


Gillien and I, Alan trying to look good.

Our shared dessert… yummy!

It is an every year affair that we celebrate Father’s day in my family, this year, we had it much earlier because my dad was not going to be around on the actual day. We had our celebration at Tony Roma’s at Cineleisure. Food was good, service was excellent especially the complimentary dessert. The adults loved their ribs and the young one loved the dessert. To the two Father’s in our family, Happy Father’s Day!


customary family picture

the monster who finished his muddy dessert. (check out the gum worms hanging on the bowl)

This has to be our favourite holiday resort, not too far, great company, and great food! This time, we are back at the resort to indirectly celebrate our best buddies Alan and Gillien’s wedding anniversary at the resort. They had their wedding celebration at the resort exactly 5 years ago, and now we are back with the kids. We definitely had loads of fun enjoying ourselves and eating. Sorry I didn’t put up food photos due to space constraint, but from the other pictures at my flickr album, you’ll be able to see how the kids enjoyed their stay.


On board the ferry, here’s one with Ian’s godparents and Patrick


Scenic infinity pool. Alan and Claire deciding what to have for lunch.


Ian with his spag bolognaise. The Godparents during dinner.


Waiting for our transport and Ian with Daddy on the beach looking happy!


At the kids pool, then on the ferry back to the jetty.

female.gif Yesterday was our 6th visit to our OB/GYN and he reconfirmed that we’ll be having a girl. What a wonderful feeling, I can start putting Ian’s still-wearable clothes up for sale in Ebay, and start collecting girly frocky dresses.

This is a long awaited post. I couldn’t get on it earlier because the picture that I wanted to include in this post was in taken using my sister’s camera. Finally she passed me the photo.

See the little flower? Yes, it’s a rose, a hand crafted rose made by Ian at school. Thing is, we seldom do handicraft at home because I’m bad, I’m lazy to clean up. On the Friday before Mother’s Day, I picked him up from school and I got a little surprise. He says “Happy Mother’s Day, I made a flower for you!”

My heart melt, and suddenly the 15 mins of nagging him to just brush his teeth in the morning didn’t matter at all. The teacher mentioned that he painted it himself, and it took them a few days to get it all together, they made it from scratch. flour + water…..

We didn’t do much on Mother’s day, just spent quality time at home.

Thank you God for giving me the strength and knowledge of bringing up my 3 year old son as he is now.

That’s another word from Ian’s vocab, “ah-ba-syed“, and No, it’s not a malay word or of any sort. It’s how he calls pasta / noodles. My sister drey treated us to dinner yesterday at Itallianies (sp?). Unfortunately Darren couldn’t join us, he was bogged down with work. So it was just the Chongs feasting on Pasta and Pizzas.

On the way to the restaurant, we were all debating on what to order, or how many pasta to order and we came up with a conclusion that we’ve got to have 1. Salad, 2. Pasta and 3. Pizza and not any two combinations. Because Dad had to have the Pizza, Mom had to have Salad and the old/new mummy aka Me had to have Pasta, Drey was okay with any two combination, and Ian had to have his Cars & ah-ba-syed.

We ordered 2 types of Ah-ba-syed, 1 Pizza, 1 Caesar’s Salad to be shared with the four of us. Alot or what??? We did feast and managed to pack everything in, except for the 3 slices of pizza that we doggy-bag for Darren.

Was a great dinner yest Drey, Thanks!!

That’s Happy Lunar New Year to all my friends and those who even bother to read my blog. This year we made our way back to Singapore, for 5 days of food goodness.

We decided to go a day earlier than my parents to stay in the city and do some shopping. It’s always great to shop when there is a SALE going on! Ian and Darren had a good walk, in fact the three of us never walked so much in a day before, I’m impressed.

The following days were spent with my mom’s family, going from house to house tossing Yee Sang and just enjoying the company, not forgetting food!  

Ever since our first wedding anniversary, my mom has been getting us small cakes so that we can have a small celebration at home. This year, she got us an ice-cream cake from Baskin’ Robbins. It was yummy, and from the picture, you’ll be able to see that my little monster had a taste of it before we could even dig in!

Oppps! I got caught!

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